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Cooperstown Veterinary Clinic offers a full service equine wellness program, including vaccination, dental and de-worming recommendations on the farm or in the hospital.

We offer general medicine and minor elective surgical equine procedures, as well as 24 hour after hours emergency care to better serve our patients, with in house hospitalization when needed.

Dental care is very important for maintenance of  a healthy horse and recommendations can be done during a general equine exam. We have electronic dental float equipment and x-ray equipment to address both the minor and major dental malocclusions, which are important to maintain good oral health or to identify and treat any dental problems.      

Lameness exams are performed for every type of horse from the back yard pony to the highly competitive equine athlete, in order to keep your horse in its best condition and at its best performance. Diagnostic nerve blocks, joint blocks, x-rays and ultrasound are all utilized to help treat and prevent injury in the equine patient.  

The in house laboratory is equipped with equine specific hematology and chemistry blood work machines, as well as ability to utilize other referral diagnostic testing.

In addition, we offer reproductive services including ultrasound, artificial insemination with fresh, cooled or frozen semen, and semen collection of stallions for fresh cooled shipment.